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Please put anything (large or small) that you would like us to take to the Dean in the SUGGESTION BOX. Please leave as a comment, just click on the number next to "SUGGESTION BOX" (post title). If you are starting a particularly complex issue, create a new post by contacting Dave or Tony. Thank you for your cooperation and bribes.

35 Responses to “SUGGESTION BOX”

  1. Anonymous Sample Comment   

    I think that the color red is awesome and that the school should be painted blue and stuff.
    Thank you so much for such a wonderful forum.

  2. Anonymous ezioblasetti   

    who is the guy that picked this "pink" ????

  3. Anonymous anonymous   

    I think there should be a comfy spot to sit and read with bean bags, couches and a place to rest your feet. I would suggest either near Tom's cafe or in Avery library.

  4. Anonymous ersela   

    I propose (as I did to the dean with no response) to invite Bryan Cantley for a lecture in the lunchtime series. Cantley teaches design theory at Fullerton University in California and you can check out his practice on his website:
    I guess when it's time to discuss I can talk a little bit more about Form:ULA work and their publications.
    The pink is preeeettyy!

  5. Anonymous Daniel Linder   

    I wanted to ask about the draft and the noise next to the laser cutter room. I sit directly next to it and there is always a draft that seems to be connected to it. Also the noise is overwhelming, especially (but not only) when the door is open. It is nearly impossible to concentrate when the machines are running (I think the air suction is the biggest noise generator). It reaches industy levels of noise and I think there is something that can be done about it. Maybe the engine can be silenced or the room somehow insulated? Concerning the draft I have no idea where it comes from, I only know that I will gett definitely get sick from it.


    Studio Reinhold Martin 600 south

  6. Anonymous roland   

    i propose that to facilitate serious investigation into computationally intensive architectural design - as encouraged in studios such as those run by Karl Chu and Hernan Diaz Alonso - that a small dedicated farm of processors are made available for dealing with such tasks. perhaps students could book time on it and access it over the network. this would enable computational work currently not possible due to limitations of ram and processor speed.

  7. Anonymous paul   

    as a solution to the 48 hour turn around for the zcorp 3d printer, the zprint software should be available on non-networked pc's so students can check their own files for errors, rather than wait 24 hours for notification. Students could nest and scale multiple models from a studio at once, making tito even more efficient and turn around quicker during high usage.

  8. Anonymous Daniel Linder   

    Could we maybe get rid of the "oe" in the header? Not only does it sound like the worst kind of guestworker dialect in german (which it should resemble, I guess), it also makes no sense at all and is not very funny. If you are going to keep it than I would suggest to at least be consequent and turn the u into an "ue".

    And yes, I am serious about that.


  9. Anonymous Ezio Blasetti   

    I would like to suggest a link in this blog, where everyone should post an image from his project at the time, lets say every week in order to have a slideshow of all aad students of work in progress/ it is easy to program that, I don't know how many people are interested....

  10. Anonymous Daniel Linder   

    As soon as we get rid of the "oe" I am for it...



  11. Anonymous Kristina   

    How about having vending machines that provide more nutritional alternatives for late-night studio cravings? If hospital facilities have machines that dispense fruit, yogurt, sandwiches, etc. why doesn't an architecture school?

  12. Anonymous ProgonkaOne   

    NSU - 4efer, 5210 - rulez

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