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Please add your suggestions (two per person) of the people you would most like to see as studio critics this spring.



Please put anything (large or small) that you would like us to take to the Dean in the SUGGESTION BOX. Please leave as a comment, just click on the number next to "SUGGESTION BOX" (post title). If you are starting a particularly complex issue, create a new post by contacting Dave or Tony. Thank you for your cooperation and bribes.

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Welcome to the Advanced Architectural Design Program at Columbia University in the City of New York. We are glad you chose to visit our program and we invite you to visit your website frequently for updates and rewards. For more opportunities to win free prizes from our sponsors, feel free to leave comments in any of the posts.

Please post anything which you think you feel needs to be addressed in the Post titled "SUGGESTION BOX", large or small. Depending on the issue, we will either directly address it with the dean, or, if it is complex/controversial, we will establish a new posting for further discussion, and in some cases, a full student meeting.

This blog is intended to allow students to have a free forum for discusssion about ways to improve the pedagogical process of our program. Eventually, when the forum reaches a certain level of consensus on particularly complex issues, we will transfer this information to the adminstration. For this final step of the process, physical copies of petitions will be circulated for signatures/approval before being sent to Mark Wigley.

The results of the bi-weekly meetings with the dean will be posted so you can see the results of your compliments and/or complaints.

You can either leave comments on an existing post, or create your new post if necessary. For the username and password, please contact the webmaster(s), Dave Pigram (davepigram@gmail.com) or Tony Treu (onlineconsumer@gmail.com).

Re-Elect Pigram/Treu 2006.

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